Record Rain Deluge in NYC: Unprecedented rainfall inundates New York City, overwhelming streets and infrastructure. 

Fast-rising floodwaters caught commuters off guard during Friday morning rush hour. 

Historic Rainfall Stats

New York's JFK Airport records nearly 8 inches of rain in a single day, a record since 1948. 

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Climate Change Impact 

Scientists attribute extreme rainfall to climate change, posing a challenge to outdated flood defenses. 

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State of Emergency 

NY Governor declares a state of emergency as widespread flooding hits the region. 

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Rescue Operations 

First responders rescue stranded individuals from cars and flooded basements. 

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Schools Affected 

Floodwater enters 150 NYC schools, forcing evacuations and challenges for students. 

Transportation Disruptions

Subway, train, and air travel face major disruptions due to flooding. 

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City's Resilience 

New Yorkers remain resilient as they cope with the aftermath of record-breaking rainfall. 

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Recovery Efforts 

The city works to restore transportation services and address flood damage.