State-Level Committee to Investigate Noida Sports City Issue

State-Level Committee to Investigate Noida Sports City Issue – In a significant development, the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the Uttar Pradesh government is looking into the extensive delay plaguing the ‘Sports City’ project. Consequently, they have mandated the formation of a state-level panel to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the matter.

The Vision of the Sports City Project

The Sports City project, initiated by the Noida authority between 2011 and 2014, was a visionary endeavor. The primary goal was to develop integrated sports facilities within group housing projects situated in sectors 79, 150, and 151.

Reasons Behind the Investigation

The state-level committee’s central objective is to ascertain the causes of the protracted delay in completing this project. Notably, around 30,000 investors have yet to take possession of their flats, despite a decade having passed since the project’s inception.

Earlier Investigative Measures

In a prior attempt to address the irregularities surrounding the project, the Noida authority established a three-member committee in June. This committee was tasked with scrutinizing the project’s development process. However, the recent intervention by the PAC has elevated the inquiry to a state-level initiative.

Anomalies Highlighted by the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG)

Troubling inconsistencies within the Sports City scheme were unearthed by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India between 2017 and 2018. Specifically, the CAG identified several instances where the developers commenced housing projects without concurrent development of the promised world-class sports facilities in the three sports city projects.

Terms and Conditions of the Scheme

The initial terms and conditions of the scheme stipulated that developers should allocate 30% of the land for housing, while the remaining portion should be dedicated to sports facilities. The violation of these terms, as highlighted by the CAG, led to a financial loss for the state exchequer. Developers were found to have secured land at reduced rates under the guise of the sports city scheme without fulfilling the obligation to construct sports facilities.

Developer’s Perspective

Developers, in their defense, have cited land disputes with local farmers as the reason behind their inability to construct the sports facilities as planned.

The Ban on Sale and Purchase

In response to the CAG’s objections, the Noida authority took a significant step in January 2021 by imposing a ban on the sale and purchase of flats and plots within the Sports City project. This directive dictated that builders must prioritize the construction of sports facilities for public use before proceeding with housing units.

Project Overview

The expansive Sports City project, sprawling over approximately 600 acres of land, encompasses group housing and commercial towers, complemented by integrated sports infrastructure.

So, as investigations at the state level gain momentum, the fate of the ambitious Sports City project remains uncertain. The findings of this inquiry are eagerly anticipated, and they are poised to hold relevant stakeholders accountable for the project’s delays and irregularities.

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