Nepal Earthquake: Death Toll Hits 140; Prime Minister Modi Says India Is United and Offers Assistance

Nepal earthquake, the iconic Himalayan disaster, struck on November 3rd with a magnitude of 6.4, leaving devastation in its wake. The death toll has tragically reached 140, with thousands injured and property and infrastructure severely damaged. Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed India’s solidarity with Nepal and offered assistance during this challenging time.

India has given its citizens in Nepal an emergency contact number, +977-9851316807, in response to the recent earthquake that rocked the Himalayan nation.

Nepal Earthquake Overview

The Nepal earthquake of November 3, measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale, claimed the lives of 140 people. This catastrophic event not only resulted in a significant loss of lives but also caused severe communication disruptions in many regions. With thousands injured and a high likelihood of the death toll rising, Nepal is grappling with the aftermath. The situation is compounded by 159 recorded aftershocks, as reported by the National Earthquake Monitoring and Research Centre.

Response to the Disaster

In the wake of this disaster, both the Nepal Army and Police have been mobilized for search and rescue operations. The earthquake-induced landslides have affected some rescue routes, making the situation even more challenging.

The epicenter of the earthquake was located 10 kilometers deep within Nepal, as confirmed by the National Centre for Seismology (NCS).

India Stands in Solidarity

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on hearing the news, extended his heartfelt condolences to Nepal. In a tweet, he expressed India’s unity with Nepal and offered any necessary assistance. “Deeply sorry about the deaths and damage caused by the Nepal earthquake. India is prepared to extend a helping hand to the people of Nepal, with whom we stand united. We send our condolences to the families of the departed and hope the injured get well soon,” he tweeted.

Emergency Contact for Indian Citizens in Nepal

In response to the earthquake, India has provided its citizens in Nepal with an emergency contact number: +977-9851316807. This contact number is intended to assist Indian nationals during this crisis.

Impact on Northern India

The powerful tremors from the Nepal earthquake also affected northern India, including Delhi and districts in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Delhi-NCR. The intensity of the tremors was substantial enough to cause panic, leading to people quickly evacuating their homes late on Friday night. The quake was powerful enough to rattle windows and buildings.

Nepal’s Response

Concurrently, Prime Minister Pushpakamal Dahal, also known as ‘Prachanda,’ visited the earthquake-affected area with a medical team on Saturday morning. He expressed his deep sorrow over the human and material losses caused by the earthquake at Ramidanda in Jajarkot, which struck at 11:47 on Friday night.

Seismic Concerns

This earthquake marks the second time Nepal experienced a major seismic event in recent weeks. On October 2, a 6.2-magnitude earthquake struck the nation. These incidents have raised concerns about Nepal’s vulnerability to seismic activity, given its location in a geologically active region.


The Nepal earthquake of November 3 has had a devastating impact, resulting in a considerable loss of life, injury, and infrastructure damage. India has offered its unwavering support, and Indian citizens in Nepal have been provided with an emergency contact number. As Nepal continues to recover, concerns about its seismic vulnerability remain a topic of discussion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What was the magnitude of the Nepal earthquake on November 3, 2023?
    • The Nepal earthquake had a magnitude of 6.4 on the Richter scale.
  2. How many recorded aftershocks followed the Nepal earthquake?
    • A total of 159 aftershocks have been recorded following the earthquake.
  3. What assistance has India offered to Nepal after the earthquake?
    • India has expressed solidarity with Nepal and offered assistance as needed.
  4. How has the earthquake affected northern India?
    • Northern India, including Delhi and various districts, experienced powerful tremors as a result of the Nepal earthquake.
  5. Why is Nepal prone to earthquakes?
    • Nepal is susceptible to earthquakes due to its location in a geologically active region.

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