Jeff Landry’s Landslide Victory: The Turning Point for Louisiana

Jeff Landry’s Landslide Victory: Louisiana’s Watershed Moment

In a stunning turn of events, the Republican candidate, Jeff Landry, has emerged victorious in Louisiana’s gubernatorial race. Landry’s landslide victory in the primary election marks a significant moment in Louisiana’s political landscape. This article will delve into the details of this remarkable victory, the implications for the state, and what it means for the GOP’s stronghold.

A Wake-Up Call for Louisiana

As the election results rolled in, Jeff Landry addressed his supporters from the stage at his election night party in Broussard. “Do you love Louisiana?” he asked the crowd. His victory speech was more than a celebration; it was a wake-up call. “This state is my family, and we are going to work to fix this state because that’s what families do. Make no mistake about it: It was historic, and it’s a clear signal the state is united.”

Landslide Victory Unpredicted

Jeff Landry, Louisiana’s Attorney General and a prominent supporter of former President Donald Trump, had been a frontrunner from the beginning of the race. However, few predicted that he would secure an outright victory in the primary without the need for a runoff election.

Defying the Odds

Landry dominated the crowded field of candidates, leaving his competitors far behind. Second-place finisher Shawn Wilson, the state’s former transportation secretary, had consolidated Democratic support, but it was not enough to challenge Landry’s overwhelming lead. Landry finished with a staggering 52% of the vote, eliminating the necessity for a runoff. In contrast, Wilson received 26% of the vote, while no other candidate managed to secure more than 6%.

A Message of Unity

Wilson, conceding the race during his own election night event in New Orleans, acknowledged, “While we might not understand everything that Jeff Landry wants to do as governor, I believe he wants to try to do the right thing, and it’s our job as Louisianans to make that happen.”

Replacing Gov. John Bel Edwards

Jeff Landry’s victory in this election signifies the end of Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards’ two-term rule. Edwards, who was term-limited and couldn’t seek re-election after eight years in office, will be succeeded by Landry.

The Road to Victory

Landry, serving as the state’s Attorney General for two terms, maintained a strong lead throughout the campaign. He announced his candidacy last year, securing the early endorsement of the Louisiana Republican Party. Despite facing several other GOP candidates, Landry’s position remained unassailable.

Securing a Republican Monopoly

With this landslide victory, Jeff Landry has solidified a Republican monopoly in Louisiana. Currently, Edwards is the only statewide elected Democrat, while Republicans hold a supermajority in both the state House and Senate.


Jeff Landry’s landslide victory has reshaped Louisiana’s political landscape. It marks a turning point in the state’s political dynamics, reflecting the state’s inclination towards the GOP. As he prepares to take office, all eyes will be on the changes and developments he brings to Louisiana.


1. What was the margin of Jeff Landry’s victory?

Jeff Landry secured an impressive 52% of the vote in the primary election, avoiding a runoff.

2. What role did Democratic support play in the election?

Despite having Democratic support, second-place finisher Shawn Wilson couldn’t challenge Jeff Landry’s lead.

3. How long had John Bel Edwards been in office?

John Bel Edwards served two terms as Louisiana’s Governor for a total of eight years.

4. What is the significance of Jeff Landry’s victory for the GOP?

Jeff Landry’s victory further strengthened the Republican Party’s influence in Louisiana, creating a GOP monopoly in the state.

5. How many gubernatorial races are there in the U.S. this year?

Louisiana’s gubernatorial race is one of only three taking place in the United States this year, alongside those in Kentucky and Mississippi.

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