Google’s 25th Birthday Special: Google’s Journey from a Garage Startup to a Top Tech Company

Google’s 25th Birthday Special: The Journey from a Garage to a Top Tech Company

New Delhi, Tech Desk:

Today, on September 27, Google is celebrating its 25th birthday, making it a very special occasion. To mark this significant moment, the company has dedicated today’s Google Doodle to celebrate Google’s 25th anniversary.

Google’s Journey: From a Garage to a Top Tech Company

Larry Page and Sergey Brin, both doctoral students at Stanford University in California, came together with the idea of making the World Wide Web more accessible and better. They began working on a prototype of a new and improved search engine in their hostel rooms. They started their first office in a rented garage, and on September 27, 1998, Google Inc. was born.

Major Achievements of Google

Over the past 25 years, Google has seen significant changes. Starting from a small garage, today, it is counted among the top tech giants globally. Here are some key milestones in Google’s journey:

1996: Larry Page and Sergey Brin began their work.
2004: Google launched Gmail.
2005: Google Maps was launched.
2006: Google acquired YouTube.
2008: Google launched the Chrome browser.
2008: Google launched the Android mobile operating system.
2014: Google launched the AI research lab DeepMind.
2015: Google became Alphabet Inc.
2016: Google Assistant was launched.
2016: Google introduced Pixel and Google Home devices.
2023: Google Bard and other AI projects.

These milestones showcase Google’s incredible journey over the past 25 years, from its humble beginnings in a garage to becoming a global technology leader. Google has not only transformed the way people access information but has also made groundbreaking advancements in various fields, from email to generative AI.

How Google Got Its Name

After a few years, Page and Brin named their company Google. They even received $100,000 in funding, switched from Susan Wojcicki’s garage to a new location, and later established Googleplex as their main office.

The Launch of Gmail and Other Services

In April 2004, Google launched Gmail, offering a massive 1 GB of storage, setting it apart from other email services. Google then continued to expand its services, introducing Google Maps, acquiring YouTube, and developing the Chrome browser.

A Transformation into Alphabet Inc

In 2015, Google underwent a restructuring process and became Alphabet Inc, bringing various new brands like Verily, Waymo, and Wing under its umbrella.

Hardware and AI Ventures

Google ventured into hardware and the voice assistant segment in 2016, attracting users with products like Google Pixel and Google Home. Recently, Google introduced Google Bard, an AI-powered chatbot, and is heavily investing in artificial intelligence, working on new AI-driven projects.

Google’s 25th birthday is not just a celebration of its remarkable journey but also a testament to its commitment to innovation and excellence in the world of technology. Over the years, Google has continued to evolve and reshape the digital landscape, making it an integral part of people’s lives in countless ways. Happy 25th birthday, Google! 🎉

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