Before applying for Google AdSense, don’t forget to consider these 8 factors.

One of the most successful internet income streams is probably Google AdSense. No matter if you’re a student or someone who wants to start a blog to make money, Google AdSense can be successful if you put in the proper amount of effort.

The niche you select will directly affect how much money you make from Google AdSense. Simply put, you must produce content in a certain niche with a high CPC (Cost Per Click). And the largest CPC scheme now available to the majority of us is Google AdSense.

Because of this, the Google AdSense program quickly became quite popular.

Why is Google AdSense so well-liked?

The money you earn from AdSense will be transferred to you promptly; unless you’ve broken their regulations, there won’t be any delays at all. The number of clicks per ad determines how much money you make. That is, in essence, what is meant by a CPC.

Here are a few further justifications for why the majority of bloggers love AdSense.

  • Utilizing AdSense, earning money is simple. To start making money through AdSense, you don’t need to be an expert in any particular subject. Even a novice can start off with a respectable income from it.
  • Google, which is consistently dependable, provides the money you receive through AdSense.
  • You can earn more money the more traffic you have.

Before applying for Google AdSense, do the following:

1. The key is picking the RIGHT niche

The majority of individuals start blogs to make money, thus Google AdSense is the logical source they look for. Even though earning money with AdSense is never simple, it can be beneficial if you have a solid understanding of your market. Most people fall short in this area. Because they are unfamiliar with their topic and the keywords they use, they are unable to profit from AdSense.

You don’t need to worry about selecting the ideal niche for your websites in order to start earning from AdSense. To create an effective blog focused on AdSense, all you need to do is discover your passion and combine it with the appropriate topics. Personally, I advise choosing themes like fitness, lifestyle, entertainment, etc. because they typically receive more search engine traffic and have excellent CPCs.

Use a few keyword research tools, such as Semrush, Moz, etc., to identify the greatest niches before looking for the proper one so you can start earning more money from each and every click on your AdSense account. Be careful to choose your blog’s overall topic and whether you want to create an authoritative site or an AdSense-based blog. In this manner, you will be able to clearly understand the keywords to increase your income.

2. Create material that is keyword-rich by using powerful keywords.

To ensure that you generate more money from AdSense anytime someone clicks on your links and advertisements, find successful keywords that have a high CPC (cost per click). You may earn a lot of money from Google AdSense by writing content that contains pertinent keywords. AdSense performs best on websites with targeted keywords that raise CPC and are content-focused.

As a general guideline, make sure your website has at least 100 articles before applying for AdSense. This raises the likelihood of the AdSense staff approving you. To provide a better user experience, be sure to include sections like the About page, Contact page, Privacy Policy page, etc. You can only raise your AdSence acceptance rate on your sites by providing a better reading experience.

3. Boost website visitors by publishing often

You won’t be able to increase your Google AdSense revenue without growing site traffic and page views. As a result, the amount of traffic your website receives has an almost perfect inverse relationship with the money you earn from AdSense.

Increase your website traffic by simply updating your site with more contents. The more posts you have the more traffic it gets, and don’t forget about the importance of search engine optimization. SEO is the most lucrative way to increase your online visibility and search traffic. Use proper keywords and do perfection on-page SEO to increase your organic traffic.

4. Verify that you meet the basic requirements.

For quick acceptance, it’s imperative to check off a few simple boxes prior to applying. Before you apply for Google AdSense, take a look at a few of these factors.

  1. Install Google analytics code by logging into your analytics account, selecting Admin, and opening a new account to enter the details of your website. After that, click Get Tracking ID and paste it into your blogs or webpages.
  2. Google verification page application. open Webmaster Tools and Add a site and confirm that you are the owner.
  3. Make sure your website has a sitemap. To guarantee that search engine bots visit every page of your website, install a sitemap plugin.
  4. If you have any pop-up plugins, stay away from them, and avoid using any flashy elements to make your site load more slowly. Before setting up a Google AdSense account, speed up your website because Google places a high priority on it.

5. Make a visually appealing layout

Your website’s design is critical for attracting users’ interest as well as for getting your AdSense account approved. To give your website visitors a positive first impression, always make sure to select a minimalist web design that maximizes white space and minimizes clutter.

Read this comprehensive tutorial to make a beautiful design for your websites, and keep in mind to concentrate on improving the user experience.

6. Ensure your website has a domain name.

Make sure to have a domain name that is self-hosted on a reliable web hosting service like Bluehost or HostGator if you want to quickly receive Google AdSense approval for your websites.

The majority of newbies believe they can build a free site utilizing blogspot and generate some blog traffic in order to begin making money with Google AdSense. You won’t actually be able to obtain Google AdSense approved that way. If that were the case, nobody would be using a custom name or paying for hosting through a reputable web host service; instead, everyone would be using the same thing.

In order to get your Google AdSense application approved, your blogging platform is also very important. The majority of people claim that having a blog hosted on the Google-owned Blogger platform can make it simple to get approved by the AdSense team, but the key is to have a platform that is extremely good at bringing in more search visits. In this situation, I strongly advise you to use the WordPress platform over the Blogger one because WordPress is the most widely used content management system and hosts more than 20 million websites.

Once more, the needs of your blogs will determine the best platform to use. So be careful when selecting a blogging platform.

7. Abstain from click spam. Remember to avoid fraudulent clicks.

Keep in mind that if you click your own advertising, Google will terminate your AdSense account. According to Google AdSense policies, it is totally forbidden to click your own AdSense advertisements.

The most crucial thing to keep in mind is to eliminate obtaining phony clicks on your Google AdSense advertisements. Google has very smart crawlers that may readily detect your false clicks when a select few people utilize various traffic solutions to boost their AdSense click through rates. As a result, you won’t receive any payment and your AdSense account will be banned! So, if you want to earn a respectable income from AdSense, avoid generating phony clicks on the adverts.

Avoid click bombing at all costs because doing so could result in an immediate and unexpected ban from your AdSense account. Simply put, click bombing occurs when a malicious individual visits your blog and clicks on your advertisements thousands of times. Your rapid increase in click-through rates will cause AdSense to blacklist you, which is why some of your rivals may attempt click-bombing on your websites.

Here are some recommendations for avoiding fraudulent clicks on AdSense ads.

  • Make sure to regularly (at least once per day) check your AdSense account to look for any phony clicks.
  • Make sure you only display your AdSense advertising to users of search engines to prevent click bombing. Use free WordPress plugins like “Who Sees Ads” to limit the display of adverts to people who arrive via search engines.
  • IP addresses that frequently click on your adverts should be blocked.

8. Quit using other people’s protected works.

The most frequent and stupidest error that newcomers commit is this. Without even providing proper attribution, such as a link to the original source’s website, they use other people’s photographs or content.

Remember to only use royalty-free photos or make your own images if you want to use one image every post on your websites. You won’t be approved for Google AdSense if you post photos from websites that are protected by copyright on your blogs or websites.

If your AdSense account is declined, try again instead of getting discouraged.

Even though it’s rather common to have your application for a Google AdSense account rejected, Google will usually provide you some explanations. If they reject your application after thorough consideration of their communications, follow their advice and reapply for an AdSense account.

Prior to reapplying for an AdSense account, make sure to give at least one month’s notice. By doing this, you can get their team’s attention without becoming a spammy AdSense user.

Here are a few additional safety measures to bear in mind:

  • Use no more than three advertisements per web page on your websites.
  • Avoid urging loved ones to click on your Google AdSense advertisements. Or you risk being barred!
  • Never post material intended just for adults on your websites.
  • Do not use pictures taken from other websites.
  • Stop producing material on hacking, piracy, etc.
  • Stop using any additional ad services on your websites.

Several things to consider once AdSense is approved

Ad positioning is crucial.

The 336×280 large rectangle, the 300×250 medium rectangle, and the 160×600 wide skyscraper advertisements, according to many people who are effectively earning money from Google AdSense, will best compliment your website and increase your AdSense revenue.

Don’t use too many advertisements

Never utilize too many Google AdSense advertising because doing so will only upset people who visit your website. If you have too many adverts, people won’t click on any of them and will stop visiting your blog since they will view it as spam.


Make sure to provide content that is focused on employing selected keywords to raise your CPC before submitting an application for Google AdSense. You should also optimize the speed of your website to ensure a quick approval from the Google AdSense team. It is usually preferable to enhance genuine click through rates on your AdSense advertising by regularly producing new content than by adopting black hat SEO strategies.

Do you have any more advice for applicants to AdSense? Please leave your comments in the space provided below.

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