Apple Crumb Pie: A Thanksgiving Delight

Thanksgiving is synonymous with pumpkin pie, but imagine the sweet twist of an iconic all-American Apple Crumb Pie gracing your dessert table. Jessica Robinson, the creative mind behind, beckons us to savor a slice of this delectable treat alongside the traditional offerings.

Jessica’s Thanksgiving Twist

Expert Advice: Preparing Ahead

Jessica, a seasoned food blogger and homesteader, advises preparing the crumb topping and homemade pie crust in advance. Planning is the secret ingredient for a flavorsome Thanksgiving delight.

Unveiling the Recipe

Thanksgiving Indulgence: A Recipe Preview

Let’s delve into the details of crafting this mouthwatering dessert. A perfect blend of seasonal apples, a choice of pie crust, and a crumb topping that promises to elevate your Thanksgiving spread.

Crafting the Crumb Topping

Simple Yet Scrumptious: Crumb Topping Magic

Creating the crumb topping is a breeze. With brown sugar, granulated sugar, flour, cinnamon, and unsalted butter, you have the key to an effortless addition that enhances the pie’s flavor profile.

Essential Ingredients for Apple Crumb Pie

Gather Your Ingredients: A Symphony of Flavors

From Granny Smith apples to instant tapioca, explore the components that make this Apple Crumb Pie a rich and flavorful experience. A delightful blend for a Thanksgiving celebration.

Step-by-Step Pie Creation

Artful Assembly: Creating Perfection

Follow Jessica’s guidance for assembling the Apple Crumb Pie. Each layer contributes to a mouthwatering symphony of flavors, a labor of love promising a delicious outcome.

Baking Bliss

Perfecting Your Apple Crumb Pie

Precise baking instructions guarantee a golden-brown crust and a bubbling, flavorful filling in just an hour. Tips to prevent sogginess ensure a perfect, delectable pie.

Thanksgiving Joy

Serve with Joy: Thanksgiving Bliss on Your Plate

As you bring the Apple Crumb Pie out of the oven, savor the joy of serving a delightful Thanksgiving dessert that’s both iconic and delicious.


In conclusion, elevate your Thanksgiving experience with the Apple Crumb Pie. A perfect blend of tradition and innovation, this dessert is set to become a new holiday classic.


  1. Can I use any apple variety for this pie?
    • Yes, Jessica recommends a mix of Granny Smith with Honeycrisp, Macoun, or McIntosh for the best flavor.
  2. Can I prepare the pie crust and topping a day before?
    • Absolutely! Jessica suggests preparing these elements ahead of time for better results.
  3. How do I prevent the pie crust from becoming too brown?
    • Cover the pie with foil during baking, ensuring the edges don’t brown excessively.
  4. Can I use a store-bought pie crust?
    • Yes, a store-bought crust works well, but homemade adds an extra touch.
  5. What’s the ideal serving size for this pie?
    • This recipe serves 10, making it perfect for a Thanksgiving gathering.

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